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Re: Luminious or....Rodent Doo-Doo Droppings?

Traveller wrote:

...as people must know, I had some real fondness for my image titled Luminous...I even worked it kind of hard to make it as good as possible for, what was essentially a throwaway-why not shoot it? image.

I liked it, I worked it...the image may not have been my best work, or even best flower work....but it was not embarrassingly bad...which is kind of how I measure myself now, as full of my day job as I am again.

Be that as it may, someone has dropped me a note saying....The problem is that from looking at the picture, Luminous, especially from the thumbnail....this looks like rodent poo-poo and I was afraid to even open the picture...sorry.

Well, this got my attention! I can almost see what they were saying now that it has been pointed out to me.

This maybe a good example of...Often we think we are taking a picture of X, but everyone else thinks it is Y.

Curious, does anyone else get a doo-doo vibe from this picture?


Best wishes, Traveller

Dog cr@p or not that one is my overwhelming favorite of the entries and if I could I’d give it all 5 votes.  Ignore the radical noise makers, all they want is to stir up trouble, it’s a sign of insecurity and personal weakness on their part. Don’t let them prey on you!

T for 2 was mine, I went back and added the pertinent info Saturday morning but apparently forgot to hit update the image button. No matter I decided I didn’t like it anyway and deleted it.  I don’t like anything I’m doing with the camera lately.  It’s a me thing!

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