Upgrade Path from Mavic Pro

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Re: Upgrade Path from Mavic Pro

Larawanista wrote:

Thanks for all the comments, they're all helpful!

I'd like a higher resolution / MP drone that can shoot at ISO1600 with acceptable noise levels. I already enjoy 4k video with the Mavic Pro and 8k video doesn't appeal to me (yet). I think I should wait a bit more.

You have fairly high expectations and since the law of physics is uncompromising, you would need a drone with larger than 1" sensor. As said before your only option from current offerings would be the Inspire 2 with X7 camera system or a drone capable of carrying a full frame camera i.e. the latest offering from Sony, the Airpeak S1. Not sure if it is already available or comming soon.. Nothing else is going to give you what you want or need, I am affraid

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