the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

I'm guessing that English is not your first language so perhaps this is harder to translate.

24 FRAMES per second.

so, with a 180 degree shutter, HALF of the second, or 0.5 seconds is being exposed 24 times, the other half of the second is NOT being exposed.

Each single frame which takes IN TOTAL 1/48th of a second to be exposed, each line of a CMOS scan is built up. Yes. There is a temporal or time offset from the first line to the last line. So what happens in time at the top of the frame, might not be happening by the time the bottom line of the frame is being exposed. Which is why a strobe light like you used which is very brief is only existing for a part of the frame cycle.

In a global camera or a film camera, the ENTIRE frame is recorded concurrently, so there is no temporal or time offset between the first line and last line.

Then for 1/48th of a second nothing is being recorded.

Then it starts again.

Your video makes no sense and doesn't explain your claim that footage is somehow "ruined"

Exactly HOW is it ruined ? Be really really specific here because you aren't making a case.

If your evidence is so good, then why are you the ONLY person that thinks this. You're not making yourself understood.

Your experiment proves nothing and only confirms what I have said above. If the stobe is not synchronised to the shutter and you DO NOT know how many cycles / intervals it does over time then you can't really show anything. Your experiment is flawed.


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