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Re: Luminious or....Rodent Doo-Doo Droppings?

Traveller wrote:

...as people must know, I had some real fondness for my image titled Luminous...I even worked it kind of hard to make it as good as possible for, what was essentially a throwaway-why not shoot it? image.

I liked it, I worked it...the image may not have been my best work, or even best flower work....but it was not embarrassingly bad...which is kind of how I measure myself now, as full of my day job as I am again.

Be that as it may, someone has dropped me a note saying....The problem is that from looking at the picture, Luminous, especially from the thumbnail....this looks like rodent poo-poo and I was afraid to even open the picture...sorry.

It does not look that way to me. The background is clearly a flower.

Well, this got my attention! I can almost see what they were saying now that it has been pointed out to me.

This maybe a good example of...Often we think we are taking a picture of X, but everyone else thinks it is Y.

Curious, does anyone else get a doo-doo vibe from this picture?

Only if you look at the dark parts alone. They don't help to see the beauty of the flower. But it is what nature provides you.


Best wishes, Traveller

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