Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

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Re: Nikon F4 and one AF point issues - any tips and tricks?

aliksays wrote:

Hi, guys!
I've been shooting with Nikon F4 for a while and smtms it really upsets me with its one point AF system
Considering that Nikon F4 AF is like a dinosaur type AF it still does not perform well. I heard about the AF issues but now they are bothering me a lot.
The main issue I've faced with is focusing on the mid-infinity distance. I shoot mostly in 35-50 focus range and always trust this tiny green dot at the top right corner of the viewfinder. But I think it is not a good point to trust right now)
Maybe, there are some good suggestions of how to improve the focus consistency on such an old good body as F4? Would highly appreciate any answer
Here are some samples where F4 fails to focus

no focus on horses head

The horse moved. Note that the grass at the same distance as his head is sharply focused, and also his knee...

no focus on the horses corps

I don't know what a corp is, but I guess you mean the rear end. This whole image seems to be soft, I think caused by camera shake.

I think what you're running into here is a having to stay with one ISO instead of letting it float high enough to freeze action, as we might do with digital.

The F4 does have old AF technology, but it works fine if you know how to use it. It needs contrast or vertical detail in the sensor to lock on. Then, re-compose if necessary. It rarely fails, for me, but I came up in the era of this AF technology.

It seems like you're expecting state-of-the-art digital focusing, but from a film camera designed in 1987...

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