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Re: Problems

Van Griff wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

Many thanks for taking the time.:-)

Yeah, instead of Focus I used Motion Very Blurry because it looked a little less artificial to my eye. No point posting because it still has watermark, as I haven't paid.

Google reverse image search claims this is a honeybee, though the body seems shorter than honeybees in my vicinity. This was the image I dropped. BTW why Adobe RGB?


Doesn't look like a honey bee to me either . . . looks more like a bumblebee . . . but the narrow black bands are different?

Did a quick search but didn't come up with a match.

Great capture and processing with TOPAZ AI . . . debating whether I should upgrade to 3.2 . . . :-)!



I have done some research & now believe this may be a Hornet Mimic Hoverfly which is the largest of hoverflies & is harmless. It could be the smaller Volucella inanis.

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