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Macro guy wrote:

ZodiacPhoto wrote:


But what if it provides a stable ENOUGH support?

My Gitzo tripod stays at home, and I bring along a lightweight (2 lbs with the head) Leofoto, because, when there is no strong wind, it is just as efficient for long exposure as a half-ton concrete slab.

If I know it is windy or there is a busy railroad nearby, I will bring a more substantial support.

Good enough for what? To me "good enough" means that a tripod will be stable enough in 80% of the weather and shooting conditions. It means I don't have to worry about whether or not there is a railroad nearby. I don't have to worry about a 10mph wind gust and I don't have to worry about people walking nearby. To me, that's a general purpose tripod and/or travel tripod.

For the other 20%, I will use specialized tripods such as a tabletop or a tall, heavy duty tripod. If a tripod is light, small, cute and whatever else, but doesn't provide enough stability for 75-80% of the common shooting conditions, then its usability is limited to a niche.

Not good enough for you obviously, but may be for others ?

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