Smartphone camera vs normal camera

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Re: Smartphone camera vs normal camera

Panino Manino wrote:

teemodk wrote:

We are talking in different directions. What I'm saying is that

All cameras read the sensor, translate the rubbish data to meaningful data, write the data as raw in memory and maybe in a file. From there the software use the raw data to create a Jpeg, some make it colorful and sharp some make it more natural.

But to the important part, that you missed (I was not talking about phone vendors), I said

"But that is exactly the same I have with my gcam."

Except I can change how gcam should make the Jpeg.

I understand the advantages of the "GCam Way", but it reminds me some Linux discussions. GCam is the "Arch/Gentoo" of phone photography, why bother when there's a simpler "Hua Way"?

In the end that AI High-Res mode that restores subpixel color is unbeatable in quality and easy to use.

I understand your point and don't disagree. But for a lot of people huawei is just not an option.

I have a "real" apsc camera in my other pocket, that is smaller than a phone and much easier to use, so I'm not missing out 😃.

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