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davidra wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

davidra wrote:

I had something like that but it greatly improved when I unchecked Profile Corrections in Lightroom.

This is a sensor read error where 2/3s of the pixels in some of the horizontal lines (the left and right thirds) are mistakenly read as black, and that is what is driving the extreme moire from the lens correction, and the wrong white balance. The lens corrections are necessary to get the moire, but the corrections themselves would never cause extreme moire without some inequity in reading the original data, whether it be skipped data, as in this case, or if the two RAW green channels are not calibrated together (usually a shallower moire effect).

That blew right by me, but in translation, is this sensor error a permanent problem with, for example, an RP sensor? This only appeared on a few of my pics and it was essentially invisible until I pushed the shadows brighter. What to do to correct?

What aspects of the OP's image were also showing in yours? Just the color problem? The moire problem? The dark horizontal stripes on the left and right thirds of the image?

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