AF tracking for dog?

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Re: AF tracking for dog?

lehill wrote:

Many mirrorless camera brands have added animal eye AF with various degrees of success on various animals - Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, I don't know about the others. Most of these AI systems seem to be taught to work best with humans & dogs. My Sony A7RIV does very well with humans & dogs but is not very dependable with birds.

Performance may change with firmware updates so - for me at least - it was hard to correlate the reviewer's comments and the current firmware version (animal eye AF was added to the A7RIV by firmware update). You can check the forums for current opinions from DPR members.

DPReview seems to be happy with the Canon R5 & R6 animal eye AF.

The price of the R5 is a bit tough to digest, but I would get it in a heartbeat if the RF lens lineup wasn't so limited AND very few compact-oriented lenses. They came out with groundbreaking lenses first, and they are optically amazing - but they are also big+heavy... which ultimately makes the R-series not such a great fit for me, given you have to consider the lenses as part of the total package.

When I'm heading on a ~30km day adventure in the mountains, I need something that isn't going to be TOO heavy or TOO big to question if I'm bringing it or not.

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