Understanding cropping on fujies

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Re: Understanding cropping on fujies

OrigamiCactus wrote:

A quick and simple question.

If i crop from 26Mpix(6240x4160) to 6.5Mpix(3120x2080), do i get double the focal length?

We all should know that lens compression doesn't exist, if you for example shoot a 35mm lens and a 50mm lens standing at the same place, you should be able to crop the 35mm image to match the 50mm one exactly.

So if i crop the 70-300 mm image at 300mm, do i get 600mm?

And if i crop the 23mm 1.4 image, then i technically should get a 46mm 1.4 equivalent?

No, you won’t get the same image. You will get the same field of view, but the image will not be the same because the image geometry and the compression change with the focal length of the lens. So if you take an image shot with a 10mm lens and cut it into 20 pieces, each of these pieces will look nowhere near as if it was taken with a true 200mm lens. Otherwise we could shoot everything with a wide angle lens and crop from there.

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