help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

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Re: help me decide on Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ70

ANAYV wrote:

bridge77 wrote: got the camera working, what a beauty from mbp. got on the phone this morning and the guy told me to do a total factory reset.

messed with all the menus and reset everything i could found.....zam! now the thing acts like a super zoom camera, shoots fast, focuses, flash works

thanks for the help, 1200 mm gonna be some fun with a tripod.


Try it without a tripod first.

I was able to get as slow as 1/60th at 1200mm, handheld. Of course faster is better.

Use fps burst mode, too as that will help get at least one keeper out of the few.

Stay healthy


thanks, good advice.

i am on Cloud 9 still, what a deal from mbp.......$79 to my door!

being a canon shooter and a little nikon, well i was a bit clueless concerning the panny menu system.  it goes on for pages i found out and i just reset everything i could.

the pain and grief et al was worth it.  this morning i gave up on the camera, but thought to call mbp one more time.  the answer man had bunches of experience in photography and thought that resetting would fix it all and of course it did.

the only thing i could figure is that when they shipped the camera without battery installed, something happened in the software and it bonked out.

moral of the story, something goes wrong with your camera or computer, then just reset or reinstall the operating system and carry on.

last month i picked up a sx30 with 840mm zoom, but got greedy when i saw this fz70 with 1200mm.  if you do nature, then more is more i feel.  so now the sx30 becomes the back up bridge camera.

very sweet forum you all have here; for years i have known about the Lumix cameras.  seems to be the rave of everyone shooting i am raving LOL.

eventually i may look at some 1" sensor bridge camera, but not today.

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