Lock on Autofocus speed times of zoom lenses

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Re: Lock on Autofocus speed times of zoom lenses

Xshooter wrote:

Many thanks for such detailed reply, very much appreciated! Yeh I have an X-Pro2 which is a little slower but fir shooting fast jets I find seeing outside the frame box in the OVF really useful for ensuring I track the jet into the frame.

The X-T3 and X-T4, and possibly other models, have a "Sports Finder Mode".  This mode records a 1.25X crop (16.6MP), and the viewfinder shows the full uncropped frame with a crop box drawn in the central area.

I had a 59-230 but broke the plastic lens mount and borrowed a 55-200 which produced some good results. So I now need to buy a zoom lens as cracked 50-230 is unusable now. I’ll read all your info and do some reading on Google.
I dont want too heavy a lens as panning is harder, and I have arthritis too..

The 70-300mm is probably your best option.  This lens is the same weight as the 55-200mm, but AF speed is much faster with the 70-300mm.

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