What storage for and how to work with 4TB photo collection?

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tkbslc wrote:

As someone who has an NVMe drive, a Sata SSD and a regular HDD in my desktop right now, with images across all 3, I cannot tell a difference for opening, viewing or editing. There's really no benefit to SSD for photo storage. I guess backups are a little faster, but only if copying to another SSD.

I did a simple test which seems to support your findings.

I imported 200 24Mpix files.

Then I performed some basic edits (auto WB, auto tone, moved slightly all sliders in HSL tab and enabled lens profile corrections).

Then I exported all these files at full resolution.

There was virtually no difference: 18:29 (SSD) vs 18:34 (HDD). This is negligible.

Similar story with opening collection: 16s (SSD) vs 17s (HDD).

The only real difference I saw was when copying files from SD card.

With HDD it started at about 220MB/s and after about 80 files slowed down to 80-85MB/s.

With SSD it started at about 240MB/s and then slowed down to about 200MB/s.

HDD used: WDC WD5000AAKX-60U6AA0. This drive seems to use CMR, SMR drives may be even slower.

SSD used: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB.

One more thing: HDD is actually audible. Some HDDs, especially in quiet environment, may be annoying.

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