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Re: Laptop SSD Choice

Sean Nelson wrote:


Having a separate boot drive makes sense in that it's easier to upgrade later. But partitioning a big drive into two smaller ones doesn't gain you anything but less flexibility and more complexity.

Bite bullet and get two SSD's. One for boot, one for data.

See, this is what I don't understand. I see zero - ZERO - difference between the idea of getting two 512GB SSDs vs 1 TB SSD and partitioning it. Why be against one and for the other?

You're either for having the OS in it's own separate file system or against it. What does it matter whether the means of separation is logical or physical?

Heck, physical separation on two devices is less flexible because you have no way to reallocate space between the two uses - at least with two partitions on one drive you have the option.

With hard drives one of the arguments against partitioning is that it causes more seeks and therefore hurts performance, but that factor disappears with SSDs. If you want to manage the OS differently than your data files, then I struggle to see a reason why partitioning an SSD is any worse than using two of them.

OK, but what happens when the OS craps out?

Will this affect the integrity of the partition?

In theory, it probably should not but in practice?

I have seen Windows crashes do weird things.

I spent many years in Reliability Engineering and I believe that 2 is better than 1.


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