Lock on Autofocus speed times of zoom lenses

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Re: Lock on Autofocus speed times of zoom lenses

There isn't but this is what i have gathered on the longer lenses, since you are interested in planes in flight.

Fastest is the 50-140, after that is the 100-400 (really close), then the 90mm f2, then the 55-200, then the 70-300 and some lenses on the fringer adaptor, and then the 50-230.

I have the 70-300, and while it is not the fastest, i think i could get planes in flight with it, with the right AF-C autofocus preset selected. I have seen beautiful airshow pictures even on the 50-230, so if you have good technique, it should suffice, but may produce a bit more out of focus pictures.

There isn't massive speed difference with fuji zoom lenses, maybe the XC is noticably slower, 70-300 is so so, but overall all are speedy.

Just noticed that you have a X-Pro2. On Fuji the biggest difference in Focus speed comes from the bodies. Even the slowest fuji lenses, like the 60 f2.4 are noticably better on X-T3/X-T4/X-S10 than on the older bodies, especially in AF-C.

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