Rangefinder: Can nostalgia save a storm struck scow?(Or how to save OMDS from mistakes of Olympus)

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Rangefinder: Can nostalgia save a storm struck scow?(Or how to save OMDS from mistakes of Olympus)

Recently a thread suggested that another rangefinder can save Olympus(probably another Pen-F with a Fuji X-Pro like OVF). I don't agree or disagree with this entirely and this thread is not in that regard.

However, I see this an oft repeated claim. That another Pen F(which will likely be even more expensive than previous one) can magically lift OMDS out of its bad situation.

There are however other problems that people refuse to see or discuss, except directing another jab at nostalgia.

One major issue is that people seem to think that Olympus was a good company for OMDS and that JIP is somehow just an "investment company" and thus bad. This is not true. Olympus was badly riddled with corruption and OMDS suffered in its louche hands. One can remember the point and shoot boom of 2011 era. At that time, Olympus sold a lot of its Pen and Pen lite series just like a P&S camera and failed to develop the full potential of mirror less segment. It seems that Olympus took its Pen less seriously than Canon/Nikon took their DSLRs. Even though Olympus obviously had more capabilities. Its lenses were better.

Olympus also kept its prices higher than almost all budget DSLR kits up to 2017, claiming that making a smaller camera is tougher and more expensive. Yeah, right! What a lame excuse).

Olympus has no presence or outlet in a lot of countries that can make it a lot of profit - it is by and large absent from Latin America. No presence in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middle East, Egypt and basically any part of Africa.(I mean Olympus OMDS. Olympus does sell medical devices in these countries).

For some reason, Europe, Japan and Anglo sphere seem to be the only target markets of Olympus. I don't think they are very popular in China either.

Olympus has not made any significant updates to its UI in a decade. Even the art filters resemble those found on old Canon DSLRs (watercolor, pin hole, line art, fake HDR - who cares? They should have updated it to something more modern.)

Olympus is not really at cutting edge anymore. Its auto focus(except the EM1X probably) lags behind Fuji. There is no camera that shoots at 30fps. No camera that records at 480fps HD video. Panasonic seems to have taken the cake with video.

OMDS won't launch budget models. It won't launch high speed models for sports/action(EM1X can be beaten by FF bodies). It won't launch models for professional video. It won't focus on giving modern ports( multiple USB-C or a thunderbolt). It won't update decade old lenses. They have not even takes cues from features appearing on Android phones.

Playing the retro card would be like playing cards on the deck of Titanic when you know it is sinking. There are other very serious problems to attend to.

I think OMDS should either focus on expanding to new markets by recycling its tech in EM10 models, or collaborate with a serious Android company(Samsung/Oppo/Huawei) to work on better firmware with new features and interoperability with Android. If OMDS can't figure out that connecting your camera to Android smartphone via USB-C would be a huge advantage to people on the go who don't have a laptop everywhere, they are still living in 2010 era fantasy world.

Also, have a lighter version of Olympus workspace for Android. Something simpler and laden with quick features like AI noise reduction(very useful for m43 format).

Also, stepping outside of Europe/Japan/Malaysia could change its worldview. Apparently Canon can sell a crippled M50 in huge numbers but the idiots at Olympus can't figure out a way to sell EM10MarkIV. Where I live, this latter model is being sold at a price higher than Fuji X-S10. No wonder Olympus is in the state it is now. They deserve it to some extent.

Canon EOS M50 (EOS Kiss M) Olympus OM-D E-M10 Olympus PEN-F
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