Pixelstick on your phone?

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Re: Pixelstick on your phone?

i know i wasn´t planning on using the screen exactly like a pixelstick you would have to move it up and down of course while slowly moving forward. and would ouf course require some training to get the timing and speed right but you have an accelerometer in your phone so the app could in theory simply take account of your movement and change accordingly.

yeah i also got some pretty nice effects by just swinging an adressable rgb strip around

it´s quite fun too but i wanted to play around with these pixelstick pictures and thought theres no theoretical reason why such an app couldn´t exist only practical ones like too much coding effort for a propbably very small market ^^

anyway i thought maybe someone already did it and i´m just ignorant of that.

it´s hard to even buy a pixelstick these days even if you had enough spare change. not to mention it´s length also makes it quite impractical for someone like me who likes to travel light and mostly by bike.

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