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Re: Street/ Documentary Lens line up

I became interested, and started shooting, street photography back in the late 1990s. At the same time, I was building a modest collection of film cameras made or designed in Germany in the 1950s. Each of those cameras (except one) had an attached 50mm lens. The one exception, the Rollei 35, had a 40mm lens. So, for years, all the way up till I ventured (reluctantly) into the digital world, I thought of myself as "a 50mm guy."

Once entering the digital world (in 2006), I discovered that so many (majority?) of street shooting pros favored 35mm. After all, we're supposed do get closer, aren't we? So I gravitated toward 35mm and it seemed to work well for me. And for the last 15 years or so, I've mainly shot street using a 35mm (equivalent) lens. The only exception is in situations where I anticipate not being able to get close enough to my subject; I then use a 50mm (equivalent) lens.

During recent years, I've ventured out onto the streets carrying an Olympus Pen-F camera and two lenses: 35mm (equivalent) and 50mm (equivalent). Though I shot most of my images using the 35mm lens. But just a few weeks ago, I purchased a FujiFilm X100V. So in using my new camera, I'm committed to its 35mm (equivalent) lens.

And that's my story,


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