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Re: Doing What Beavers Do

Truman Prevatt wrote:

SVJIM wrote:

In California they have found that beavers can be quite effective at restoring wet lands, particularly during drought periods.

In reality beavers are only destructive to the wishes of man. They have a key roll in preserving wetlands. My wife and I were backpacking on the Flattops in Colorado in 1985. The Flattops is now a wilderness area - wasn't then. Also then we were the only people up there. The third night we were close to a pond. I pulled out my fly rod and tried but the fish were better than me. We had had fresh trout on the first two nights for dinner. So I give up and lay back against my pack. Then a head pops out of the water - a beaver. It swims in circles - each coming closer and closer. The old boy was trying to figure me out. It got closer to the shore. When I sit up he didn't seem to mind. He swam around this large pound on the surface until we left to set up camp.

Also I found some of the best fishing for native brook trout in Colorado were below beaver ponds.

Beaver are not destructive to the environment. Man is 1 million times more destructive than the beaver.

They have a key role not only in preserving wetlands, but in restoring overgrazed and eroded riparian ecosystems.  Wherever a beaver builds a dam, the river upstream of the dam resumes its old meandering course, and countless species benefit.

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