Smartphone camera vs normal camera

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Re: Smartphone camera vs normal camera

Jostian wrote:

teemodk wrote:

Jostian wrote:

pity its only Huawei that has this ability.

Nahh, even my cheap phone has decent "unprocessed" raw. Not from stock app, but from gcam. There are other phones than huawei, Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

I'm talking about the jpeg from RAW, only Huawei does this, in pro mode the JPEG produced in Pro mode is directly from the RAW, bypassing the auto JPEG processing. Other OEMs use normal auto processing in the JPEG in Pro mode, Huawei doesn't, it produces the JPEG directly from the RAW without any auto mode processing.

Ahh yes, I remember reading about that, totally forgot 😁. 
But that is exactly the same I have with my gcam. They are both processing the data from the sensor and write it in the raw file. Which all cameras do. There is no magic from Huawei, they just decided to create nice jpegs from the raw in stead of the usual Samsung colored over sharpened "standard" output 😏. 
Gcam use the boring unsharp and flat raw to make Google pictures. Unless you patch it with your own preferences, lifting the shadows to a more realistic level and fine tune colors, nr, sharpen etc. to what you like.

see 100% crops below, left side is P40 Pro in Pro mode (the jpeg that automatically gets produced directly from the RAW file, no std auto processing) and on right is the same shot taken in auto mode with all the std auto processing, massive difference, the jpeg from RAW is way more natural looking, especially fine detail rendering, color is also more accurate. Its this that no other OEM does, if I shoot a scene in Pro mode with my Note 20 Ultra the jpeg it produces with the RAW in Pro mode is as heavily processed as the same shot taken in auto mode.

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