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The "Mac Tax" had legs in the past but with the advent of the M1 Macs you need to pay substantially more for a PC that can match the performance of the Mac. The CPU/GPU/RAM all-in-one architecture design of Apple Silicon is a game changer. . . The next generation chips are going to be performance monsters.

While that is possible, Apple's MO is to charge more for less so I would need convincing. Do you have any real life tests / evaluations comparing photo editing / processing between M1 Macs and PCs?

I based my 25% number on a side by side test that admittedly was a long time ago and I cannot find it now. But I did find this one which showed a 15% extra cost for a Mac over the PC. However the PC performed better than the Mac on some important tests.


Do you have sources for similar tests with the M1 Macs? I don't think that performance numbers from test platforms are particularly relevant. What is relevant is the performance of the machines in real life use by photographers.

My Mac Tax opinion is based on recent articles, test reports and technical white papers regarding Apple Silicon compared to Intel options.   That SLR Lounge link is two years old, so it is not relevant when the discussion includes the Apple M series chips.  Based on what I have learned it is obvious to me that Apple Silicon is a real game changer.  We have a lot to look forward to as Apple continues development of the M series architecture.

I've posted links to tests comparing the M1 chip to comparable Intel hardware but they aren't "relevant" to you. Well, you can search the Internet just like I can. . . There may well be "real life" still photography-related tests on YouTube or other websites.  I didn't come across any but I wasn't specifically searching for them either.

For some strange reason it took until last night for me to realize that this thread is just another PC vs. Mac thing. . . And that I have already invested enough time posting to it. Frankly, I am not interested in trying to convince anyone about anything.  I simply have no skin in this game, so I am done playing.

Best of luck to the OP regarding the laptop decision.

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