Not Loving 200-500, better pics from P950

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Re: Not Loving 200-500, better pics from P950

One suggestion before you try focus tuning. When I first got the 200-500 mm, I was used to shooting with materially lighter lenses, the 80-400 mm G and 70-300 mm AF-S. I found that I was not happy with my images from the 200-500 mm on the first couple of outings, even with a monopod. But as I kept using it, my images got better, both for handheld shots and tripod shots. I practiced on birds at a local wildlife refuge.

So keep shooting and see if you get more comfortable with the lens and better results. And make sure you have a high enough shutter speed for your subject -- with hummingbirds, you need a pretty high shutter speed if you want to freeze both the wings and the body. I tend to like a sharp body with a bit of blur on the wings to show motion.

I shot humming birds in Costa Rica with the 200-500 mm a couple of years ago on a D500, with good results. I subsequently got a 500 mm PF, so I don't use the 200-500 mm lens as much as I used to do. But I have kept it, as it is a very good lens, reasonably priced, and useful when you need the flexibility of a long zoom on a single body. And of course, while big, it is smaller and lighter than the 180-400 mm (and cheaper too).

Topaz Denoise AI is another good option for noise reduction when you need higher ISOs to get your desired shutter speed. Well worth trying, as they have a free trial, to see if you like it. DxO Photolabs Prime and Deep Prime noise reduction is also very good, although I find I use Topaz more often.

Good luck.

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