How does a flatbed scanner focus?

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fabrice_vdh New Member • Posts: 19
How does a flatbed scanner focus?


I bought a second hand canon 8800F to scan film strips and use vuescan.

Before I had a coolscan III (but it was years ago and I don't even know where it is now).
I got the flatbed because I expect scanning 2 full strips per scan would be much faster and easier (nothing exceptional, just familly pics).

I noticed the scans seemed a bit soft and I'm wondering if it could be because the film is not directly pressed against the scanner glass.

My old scans with the coolscan were a bit sharper.

So I did a quick test, replacing the negative by a small playing card I cut to fit the film holder and scanned with the film holder and directly against the glass without the film holder.

The one without film holder is sharper. Am I missing something? Is it caused by a focus issue and is the scanner supposed to detect when the film holder is used and change the focus point or can this be manualy adjusted?

left is without film holder, right is with film holder

Many thanks

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