Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

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Re: Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

graybalanced wrote:

For the benefit of the original poster: If you must buy FireWire drives because you want to use them with an old Mac, the OWC drives Tom mentioned are a good idea because they also have USB 3 ports, so they will work with both old Macs and the latest ones.

A cautionary tale is that one of my priorities is to migrate all data off my remaining FireWire drives while the last of my FireWire Macs still works. New Macs do not have FireWire ports and adapters to connect FireWire to current computers are clumsy, rare, and not cheap, so if you got committed to buying some drives that only have FireWire ports and then your decade-old Mac dies and you get a new Mac, it could be a major challenge to get that data to the new Mac.

Yes.  The dual-interface capability was one big factor in my decision to buy FW800 / USB3 enclosures from OWC.  I didn't belabor USB3 because I thought, probably mistakenly, that the value of the USB3 "forward migration" path would be obvious.

This is just another justification for not going ahead with another old slow Mac and getting something more recent instead.


The only reasons to stick with an old slow Mac are (1) to preserve "obsolete" software, (2) to stretch your budget if you really can't afford anything new right now (e.g., you need the money for rent, to avoid being evicted!), or (3) as a money/time-consuming hobby.

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