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Re: Smartphone camera vs normal camera

Drzewoid wrote:

melodika wrote:

I have both Nokia 808 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. I did a comparison and Mi was constantly better in daylight, in full resolution with GCam of course. The difference is not huge but still considerable – as it should be because N808 is soon 10 years old Of course rendering differences are a matter of taste, to some degree at least. But comparing details reveal that both lens and sensor technology has evolved quite a bit (not surprising... Nokia 808 was waaay ahead of its time!).

Sadly this great photos are available only when You develop RAW files and there are people like me, who don't like use phone in that way - wasting too much time Nokia do the same in ordinary auto mode and this is still amazing.

Happy to provide original files if anyone is interested. This comparison proves that OV48C sensor in Mi 10 Ultra isn't your regular Quad Bayer sensor with no real resolution – it indeed resolves similar amount (actually more) then Nokia 808's regular Bayer sensor. Mi 11 Ultra is currently worse I think.

It depends. I had both and i like MI11 Ultra more - better camera processing with no gcam, less waxy look and low light is almost good as P40 PRO - for non RYYB sensor it's pretty amazing. Sadly RAW files in MI11 Ultra have only 12 megapixels

So if you want the best main sensor and care about details just give a consideration to get Mi 10 Ultra.

And if You like play with RAWs

Bonus: Mi 10 Ultra lowlight handheld, 1/12s. JPG straight out of camera, no DNG edit this time. Ois works nicely, as sharp as with Ricoh GR III which produces similar result (but 24mp). So this phone actually beats some APS-C cameras.

Fantastic, but stills no Huawei standard check this thread

teemodk wrote:

Nahh, even my cheap phone has decent "unprocessed" raw. Not from stock app, but from gcam. There are other phones than huawei, Apple, Samsung and Nokia.

It's not working like that. GCAM is great, but gives You better processing than OEM, but not the same as RAW developed file. It's something different.

Explain please. It does give me raw! 
Plus I can edit the noise model, tone curve, gamma and other stuff to what I like, so I don't need to mess with raw files.

Top: the raw file developed in LRM. Bottom: gcam sooc with different noise models.

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