Nikon Coolpix A versus Ricoh GR ii/iii

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Re: Nikon Coolpix A versus Ricoh GR ii/iii

I doubt you’re going to find many, if any, who have owned both. There are several reviews which compare the CPA with the GRii (eg Ming Thein) but in most cases there is no clear winner.

FWIW I chose my CPA over a GRii as there seemed a slight advantage in colour rendition with the CPA whereas the GRii seemed to produce better B&W. But this was very subjective. Note that I am not a Nikon user so have no bias towards Nikons colour science.

Then the GRiii came along and there has been some debate as to whether it is an improvement or not over the GRii. The GRiii does have more megapixels, PDAF, a touch screen and in-camera stabilisation but it no longer has a built in flash, some consider the lens to be inferior, it’s more expensive, the battery life is less and there is talk about overheating and reliability of the control wheel. Again there is much debate about this.

Of course you’ll have difficulty finding a “new” or hardly used CPA, although I managed to find one a few years ago, as they stopped production in 2014? Whereas the GRiii is still current.

Although my CPA is technically inferior to the GRiii I have no desire to replace it as I find it to be one of my favourite cameras that gives me so much pleasure using.

You might want to wander over to the Ricoh forum to get an alternative view.

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