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A not so random walk in Brooklyn

These images make me homesick. Born & raised in Brooklyn. Now live on the left coast. Miss the people. What accent?

looks like you took a walk during the golden hour. Love the color of the light you captured with the brownstones. I prefer the brownstones you find in Park Slope. Of course, if you walked around Park Slope you couldn’t have captured the other images on the same day.

The word has gotten out about Washington street with the Manhattan bridge framing the Empire State Building. I’ve made that image several times at different times of the day and evening. There is a reason it is a classic location. Hate when all the tourists get in my frame. Then again, I’m a tourist and there I am.

I like the image of Jane’s carousel. I like you chose to show the carousel in motion with the blur. I would have liked to see a person, preferably a child in the frame. I’d also play with a longer shutter speed to see if more blurr was better. Maybe not.

Nice series of images. I want to go back to Brooklyn around the middle of September for my birthday and the San Genarro festival in little Italy. There are so many more places to go and variety of different looking people than Seattle offers. NYC was made for street photographers.

Mask on Nurse Marty

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