What do you prefer for high res body?

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What hi res sensor choice would be more interesting

rhlpetrus wrote:

Suppose Nikon ask you the following: “we have two choices for a 60MP Z body: 1. Stay with Z7 line and just update sensor, AF, etc. or 2. Develop a Z8 with larger body, similar to D850 in general, but drop the Z7 line. Which option do you like better?”

They are clear there will be only one high res non-gripped high res body line left.

I can see the body style going either way but suppose they wanted a high resolution model that would challenge MF, then I wonder what sensor choices they’d have.

Would a multi aspect ratio sensor work for Z mount and command a price between a Z7 and Z9 and have market appeal? Going from 1:1 to 16:9 with an image diagonal of 43mm, they’d need a 37.9 X 30.6mm sensor. The GFX sensors are 44X33mm which would work, so I wonder how much work it’d take to build a body platform that can accept larger than FF sensors. In this scenario a new Z8 platform would be required.

Before people jump down my throat, I’m not suggesting Nikon make MF using a Z mount. I’m suggesting a multi aspect ratio sensor using a MF sensor as a donor sensor but keeping all crops with a FF 43mm diagonal.

If we use IMX461 as an example, cropping to the various aspect ratios for the FF image circle we’d get:

3:2 = 36x24mm = ~60MP

4:3 = 34.6X26mm = ~62MP

1:1 = 30.6X30.6mm = ~65MP

16:9 = 37.9x21.3mm = ~10k video

Since you can go even wider with a MF sensor you can even get to 10.2k 2:1 or 10.5k 22:9 cinematic wide screen.

I did the wide aspect ratios calculations in terms of video width but for stills shooters they can be thought of as panoramic wide aspect ratios. The 22:9 one would use a 39.8mm X 16.3mm sensor area (649mm2) for example vs 36mm x 14.7mm (530mm2) if cropped from regular FF.

I don’t know how much work it’d take to set up the platform necessary to use a 44x33 sensor but the results seem attractive for those that use a number of different aspect ratios.

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