dummy battery power bank and eos m

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Re: dummy battery power bank and eos m

R2D2 wrote:

mdmarqphoto wrote:

R2D2 wrote:

induz wrote:

I got this power bank .

it has 5v 2.1 a max output.

i already bought dummy battery .

Is it going to work on my EOS M and for how long continuous video mode.?

any tips.


Here's a good previous thread...


I have a dummy battery (with voltage adapter) similar to the one you linked to. It works just fine with my M6ii.

But as mentioned, your power bank might be a bit on the light side. Ideally you'd want an output spec of 2.4 amps @ 5 volts. I have several with this spec and they all work great.

The power bank you have is worth a shot though since you have it already, but that 5000 mAH spec is most certainly inflated (your power bank appears to be based on a single 18650 Li-ion cell). Current top shelf NCR/Panasonic 18650 cells max out at about 3400 mAH.

Plus, that rating is at 3.7v, not the 5v that it must be boosted to charge/run devices.

That's a given.

Not to the general masses that read those numbers (sadly).

Actual capacity will be less.

Waaay less once you figure in the conversion loss!



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