The 7Artisan 35mm F1.2 to me is soft. So I sent it back to KEH...I did

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Re: The 7Artisan 35mm F1.2 to me is soft. So I sent it back to KEH...I did

Thank you. I don't know which version, probably the older. I bought a Sigma 30mm F1.4 new after all and it's superb


kamerakiri wrote:

Was it the mark I or mark II version? Mark II has some genuine improvements. Mark I was soft and had quality control issues.

Did you buy it used? Usually 7artisans lenses that land up on used markets have a high probability of being soft or decentered, due to which the original owner did not keep it. Their quality control was not the best for past lenses. It has improved significantly in 2021.

Besides, the 7Artisans 35mm 1.2 mark II is specially deigned for B/W photography. In color photography, the results at 1.2 are meh. But in B/W photography, there is hardly any contemporary manual lens that is so fast, light and gives an almost unique look to B/W photos. The strong point of mark II version is its bokeh. Unlike other vintage designs, the bokeh is not messy and rather pretty smooth. If you shoot with bright subject in centre and keep shadows to corners, I've seen the results obtained from this lens are really good.

It is an artistic lens.

If you manage to find a 2021 new copy of the mark ii version, do try it out once.

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