Level Angle Tool in Lightroom Not Working

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mclewis Senior Member • Posts: 1,406
Re: Level Angle Tool in Lightroom Not Working

jjudson wrote:

What am I doing wrong here? When I select the level tool in the Crop and Straighten section, I get the initial dot to place my anchor, but when I click it onto the image, I don't see the line when I drag the mouse pointer. The image just jumps to an angle that I'm not sure I drew. In other words, I can't drag the line along anything visible to change the angle how I want. Am I missing something here?

Make sure you press the mouse button down and hold it down.  When you drag the mouse you will see the line.  You don't click to mark the start point then drag to see the line.  What you are seeing is probably the software interpreting a small mouse movement as you click the button.

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