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According to my anecdotal experience, smartphones are adequate in bright conditions; but, in low light conditions, I would like to use a conventional camera, but only because I like to alter the RAW files.

yip, adequate about sums it up, IQ is actually very good for a phone, but even comparing SOOC jpegs from my Sony RX100 VII to any of the OEM flagships (Huawei, Samsung iPhone) the only one that comes close is actually my old Nokia 808 (just cos its processing is so natural). In low light the 808 has way more noise but then again it has the Xenon flash. But modern phones (without flash) do way better due to all the new tech and binning etc. but it daylight the 808 is still king. I see they even compared the new Miu 11 Ultra to the 808 on GSMarena and they say the 808 has way more natural looking IQ in daylight.

Agree, but new Huawei P50 PRO can be game changer with Nokia 808 processing style - first photos on dxomark shows fantastic details with very natural processing There is no oversharpening and contrast. I'm expecting camera, which will be first rival of 808 in 2021 year. Currently Huawei gives most natural output from all phones, but photos still not looks like from real cameras. I'm hope P50 PRO will be first - can't wait to see more reviews.


Mate 40 PRO Plus

looks promising indeed, just a pity about no GMS, its not a trainsmash, I have the P40 Pro and the Note 20 Ultra, and setting up the P40 Pro without GMS is not that problematic, there are very good substitutes from Chrome (Bromite, basically Chrome with the tracking and ad stuff removed), for GMail I just setup the email app with my GMail details, Google Maps I used Huawei Petal Maps (90% as good). And there are a few apps that are not available on the Gallery Store but almost all can be found at BUT it is just easier with GMS and the integration etc. is smoother.

And yes comparing the SOOC jpeg from my Note 20U to the P40 Pro the main differences are as follows, from the main camera its very close, since Samsung has started dialing back the heavy processing, small edge to the P40 Pro, the UWA is no contest the P40 Pro blows everything out the water, the 5X zoom, also close and the Samsung does way better than before. BUT again the Huawei has the one ACE up its sleeve that no other OEM has, when you shoot in Pro mode the jpeg comes directly from the RAW file, and is not auto processed like on other OEMs, the jpeg is a direct conversion from the RAW to a 12mp jpeg, without any auto processing, so you get very natural output, see below, top crop is from auto mode and bottom is from jpeg from RAW that the phone automatically produces in Pro mode, way more natural looking, pity its only Huawei that has this ability.

and then iPhone 12 pro left vs P40 Pro right 100% crops, way more detail in P40 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro crop is just mush.

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