the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

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Re: the double shutter speed rule ruins your video

Entropy512 wrote:

Nah, it's worse than that... See the other thread which got locked...


I just saw that video he made.

He does't understand that the STROBE isn't SYNCRONISED to his sensor. Thus you get the rolling shutter interval / torn frames.

Also, Arri Alexa, the camera that's basically made every good looking feature film and television you're watching and is certainly NOT a consumer camera...also has a rolling would have the same problem if he shot this ill conceived flash test.

(They did make the Alexa Studio which did have the same rolling shutter with an added mechanical shutter but it wasn't popular and they no longer make it)

Hint. The camera's integration speed can usually be worked out by doubling the cameras top video frame rate speed. It's basically the fastest the camera can clock the frames (shot at whatever shutter speed you choose) off the sensor.

Here's a suggestion for the OP.

Do the test again.

Use this light.

Then use this adaptor.

This adaptor will take the SYNC of the camera that you plug into and make sure the FLASH or STROBE only happens when the frame interval is starting.

Presto. No more torn frames.

You can see what happens here. Unilux made strobes that SYNC to video cameras. You can see what happens in this clip.


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