Which is better for macro?

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cba_melbourne wrote:

Yannis1976 wrote:

Honestly I prefer the EM5 due to its smaller size and weight. I agree that the M1 might the better built camera but for my main camera, I already have the XT3.

On the other hand the EM5 represents what m43 should be all along, small, light but very capable. And if I use it to more than macro later and need a better grip, I can always add the Olympus extra grip.

So right now I am looking for a used EM5 and a 60mm/2.8 at a reasonable price. It will probably take me some time...

Much easier to find a used EM1.2. It was released back in 2016 and it has a successor the EM1.3. People upgrade and sell the older model.

The EM5.3 was only released end 2019. And it has no successor yet that people could upgrade to.

Very true, there are plenty of M1 II but prices remain high at same standard as M5 III. And since I am looking for something lighter than my XT3, I am currently attracted more the M5III.

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