$1,500 Video camera, wireless mic, suggestions

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Re: $1,500 Video camera, wireless mic, suggestions

Paige Turner wrote:

JT Nous wrote:

I have $1,500 to buy a video camera and a wireless external microphone. Video camera will be used on a tripod or handheld to record people giving training sessions in an office, people making a meal in a kitchen, a person sitting at a table being interviewed, and people gardening outside.

These will NOT be professional quality productions. They will have a personal-family quality.

Lighting will always be good.

I would like to be able to zoom in.

Recording time may be up to 90 minutes.

The camera won't get wet, won't be subjected to harsh treatment, only operator ineptitude.

The videos will be edited and used for posting on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and a website.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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This would be an excellent video camera, checking all the boxes you posted. It's about $1100 so it fits in your budget. You can use Full HD or 4k 30p. Since you are mostly recording stationary things, 30p would be no problem but the HD would be excellent also.

I second a camcorder, this one in particular - looks like it'll check your boxes.  A rode wireless 2 set is $300 and comes with two mics.  lav mics can be added for $50-100 each.  If you only needed one, you'd just hit your budget before taxes.  There are also similar, cheaper alternatives to the rode wireless go 2, that just seems to be the "lav setup of choice" for many semi-pro videographers.

For interviews, especially if it's just one talking head at a time, you might look at something like a tascam digital audio recorder with mic (around $170).  If you need to record multiple people speaking, a shotgun mic on a boom might be a better choice, but you'll add quite a bit to cost (since you'll likely need another tripod with a boom arm [or a boom operator] for it to work well)

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