A few tropical rainforest birds

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A few tropical rainforest birds


Many of  the birds I see here in Far North Queensland are either waterbirds,shorebirds or rainforest birds. I also see a lot of open eucalypt forest honeyeaters.  Here are a few rainforest  birds. I often photograph them on the edge of rainforest where the light is better. A few are photographed inside the rainforest.



Female Victoria's Riflebird feeding on Palm tree fruit.

Male  Victoria's Riflebird  ( bird of paradise)

Female Wompoo Fruit Dove nesting in tropical rainforest.

The Great Bowerbird  makes its bower in the rainforest

The Rufous Fantail is often seen in  tropical and sub-tropical rainforest.

The Eastern Whipbird rarely ventures out of the rainforest .

The Yellow-Throated Scrubwren forages on the rainforest floor.

MaCleay's Honeyeater is a rainforest honeyeater.

The Female Yellow-Breasted Boatbill lives in the rainforest.

The White-Winged Triller lives in the rainforest edge.

The Varied Triller stays in rainforest most of the time.

Golden Whistlers are found throughout tropical  rainforest .

This rare Leucistic Pale Yellow Robin was found on the Rainforest edge near a large Fig tree.

Pale Yellow Robin

Male Yellow-Breasted Boatbill.

The Spotted Green Catbird is found only in rainforest.

White-Throated Tree Creeper

This Pied Monarch built its nest in tropical rainforest .

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