Never leave your camera in the trunk of your car.

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Re: Never leave your camera in the trunk of your car.

Bernard Pirenne wrote:

Hello all,

After a long trip we parked our BMW X3 in a parking from a nice hotel in Waterloo (Belgium) . Parking was controlled with cameras . Waterloo is a very nice small town close to Brussels.

Went walking to a restaurant at 100 meters. Came back at 9pm and went into the hotel room. It was still daylight. At 9.15 pm hotel called me telling me my car had been attacked. Rear windshield broken and camera and luggage in the trunk gone.

We went to the police. Robberies of this kind are common. We had left nothing visible inside the car, but police told us that pro- robbers are equipped with laser detectors that can determine if a trunk has a computer or a camera even though it is not visible...

I lost an brand new Olympus OMD EM1 Mark III, and lenses 12-40 F2.8 PRO and

7-14 F2.8 PRO plus luggage full of my wife personal belongings...

I hope this bad experience will profit members of this forum.

Police said professional robbers come from other countries. They have lasers detectors, false plates on their cars and they wear a black cover ont their face (cowl) and they do not care about cameras ... Police said : " we see nothing of their face and plate numbers are false. The Hotel is near a highway and in one hour they are out of Belgium. They are very difficult to catch. We will inspect the videos but we know we will not be able to indentify them or their cars..."

Be carefull and never again leave your cameras in the trunk of your car.

Regards to all


That's too bad.  When I travel,  I bring only my cheap Elan SLR and non pro lenses, film.  If they are stolen, the loss is minimal.

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