When do use tripods?

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Re: When do use tripods?

Graham Meale wrote:

Bender79ita wrote:

There are several things that are possible (or much, much, much better) done with a tripod:

  • panorama (keep that pupil on the pivot point)
  • long exposure (duh!)
  • all kind of normal shooting improve, no "rule" will always keep you 100% "safe"
  • hdr
  • interval shooting (many applications there, from removing people to making time lapse clips to multi frame NR)
  • a stable platform to change lenses and screw filter
  • video without jitters

If used properly, a tripod will improve your image quality dramatically.

I manage to do most of these successfully without a tripod. When I travel, I fit my camera and three zooms into a nice compact shoulder bag, and the thought of also lugging a big heavy tripod, including somehow trying to fit it into my packed luggage as I jet around the world, doesn't appeal at all. Several decades ago, when ISO 800 was considered pretty extreme, I might have been persuaded to do so, but my latest cameras have given me quite acceptable results with ISO up to 25,600. As I stated earlier in this thread, I have no interest in silky water or star trails, and usually only take a tripod abroad when I'm likely to encounter auroras.

This was taken at ISO 25,600. It was so dark, we couldn't actually see anything until we looked at the camera's image. Yes, there's a fair amount of noise, but who cares?

Ethiopian monastery

Yes, I agree, I would never travel with a tripod as I walk around a city or museum, etc.

I might have one in my checked bag so I could setup for some interesting night shots, but it wouldn't be with me during the day, unless I wanted to do something very specific (like a long exposure that removes people from the shot).

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