In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

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Re: Dremel?

I recall vaguely another lens review reading that the hood had a small opening on the bottom to allow finger to filter contact for turning a polarizer.  Perhaps one of the early 150-600s?  The longer lenses usually have deeper hoods making access from the front opening more awkward.

I thought about using a Dremel tool, or similar, to cut a slot in at the bottom of a hood.  I wouldn't expect much stray light from below but gluing a strip of inner tube rubber to cover would be flexible, allow access and the curve to the site should do a good job with returning the flap to covering the slot well.  And it's a dark if not black not very reflective material, too.

Haven't done it to any hoods, though.  Until my new 200-600, hasn't been needed.  and I don't have a cpl for it.

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