Strange artifact on B&W film

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Re: Strange artifact on B&W film

b go wrote:

Preface: complete beginner, bought a TLR 2 months ago because it looked cool, never owned a camera before other than my phone, took a short course on shooting, developing and printing B&W and now am busy making beginner's mistakes and learning.
These are the first film's I've developed on my own without supervision. I seem to get this strange artifact in the negatives. This one is on Ilford Delta 400, shot with a Mamiya C33 and developed in ID-11. This happened to 2 pictures on the roll

In the upper left corner there's this transparent spot. It's not a scanning error, it's also in the physical negative.
Same thing happening with lomography lady grey, developed in Df96 monobath. This happened to every picture on the roll.

this time it's more to the right.
Am I loading the film incorrectly onto the reel or something? what causes this?
I have rolls shot later with the camera where this didn't happen, so it's not the camera.

Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. yes I know there's dust and water marks, i've cleaned them since but not rescanned them, since I was using someone's epson v700 for these and it takes ages...

Possibly a small piece of paper or cloth that is at the bottom of the film gate just in front of the film and so blocks the light during the exposure.  It may move around as you wind on the film.

Next time you change the film, look very carefully into the film gate to see that there is no detritus between the back of the lens and the film. You may have to hold the camera with the lens uppermost and shake it a bit to make sure there is nothing loose.

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