Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

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Re: Advice needed to upgrade workflow (speed) with mac/lightroom

PerTulip wrote:

Too slow.

Conclusion: everything in your setup is slow.

Except the A7riii...and that's the problem.

I was just reading a good review of the R6 and R5, and it was the first reviewer who was thorough and mentioned the semi-hidden costs of newer high pixel count cameras. And one big one is the need for computer upgrades (and the OP will also  have to factor in software upgrade costs if we get a budget). And more storage cost. And also in the camera, since in the R5 at least that could mean say $500 or so in CF Express cards, and a reader. But I think the A7Riii uses the slower cards, fortunately.

And then there are features like USB charging, which might require a hub with USB PD. And if one wants to attach or tether the camera, maybe at least USB 3 and USB C on some.

But good luck to the OP; at least Apple is coming out now with some good solutions, and I like that they started with more affordable options. And even an iPad Pro might be worth considering.

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