In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

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Re: In Search of filter system: Kase, Nisi, Breakthrough Photography or PolarPro

AZheaven wrote:

Shinyschnapper wrote:

I use the Kase magnetic filters and have no issues with them. However, one thing to think about is where you say you want to use lens hoods with them. My biggest lens is 77mm diameter so I got the filters in that size and step up rings for my other lenses. I can't use any lens hoods because they won't fit over the step up rings (for instance my 72mm telephoto lens hood won't fit over the 77mm step up ring).

Also I can't use the lens hood on my 77mm lens if I want to use the polariser as there is no way of getting my fingers inside to turn the polariser. Plus with the magnetic adapter its a very tight fit for the hood.

When using filters I just don't use a lens hood. Just something to think about.

I know what you mean with the lens hood not going on the lens with a filter attached. And being that Sony has a door on the 100-400, I wonder why they don't on any other lens that is wider like my walk around lens the 24-105 f4. Which at the moment is my one and only landscape lens.

My Fuji 50-140 (70-200) has a door on the hood but it still won't work with the polariser as you can't put the hood on with the step up ring.  All in all its not a big issue as if I was getting some flare I would use my hand to shade the lens.

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