PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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Alex Sarbu wrote:

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zakaria wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

RBIV wrote:

With FF, I hope Pentax can offer somewhat the same. The Nikon D780 is about the same size as a K3iii so it can be done.

The D780 is larger than the K-1.

I might be interested in a FF Pentax, if there was one that was the same size/weight as a K3 series DSLR

The K-1 isn't that big. Now, add a D FA* prime or two...


Yes, I really don't get the push-back on a camera the size of the K-1 for a full frame when the lens size dominates anyway.  Now, back in the day when I shot with a Canon 1dIII - THAT was a beast of a camera (and it was aps-h not full frame).  I actually downsized to the full-frame 5dIII to get a smaller camera.  But with high quality optics, the lenses are large enough that going a lot smaller for a DSLR doesn't really buy me much.

I can understand an aps-c camera with aps-c lenses.

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