How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

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Re: How many of you have lost or crashed your drone ?

Nebell wrote:

qwzx9 wrote:

Nebell wrote:

Don't buy a drone if you're afraid to lose it. Even if you don't lose it, that gut feeling while you're flying is almost not worth it.

Or buy one of the cheap ones, like Mini 2.

The only time I crashed my drone was when I tried to hover my Mavic Pro Platinum inside the apartment. It just suddenly drifted towards the side and into the wall.
I also had some close calls but mostly while having active tracking and sport mode at the same time, following me on the motorcycle.

Might be helpful for indoor flying. It helps explain the problem and more.

Haha, I understand doing this if you don't have a handheld camera, but I don't understand why make the whole process harder unless you don't have a handheld camera and/or you're afraid to walk into the cave.

It was to satisfy my curiosity.

I prefer to have valid evidence rather than make believe I actually know something.

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