PetaPixel K-3 Mark III Review

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Re: agree

I'm happy with APS-C not FF. It's not about size or weight or cost actually.

People buy FF because of the ability to get thin DoF. And finer grain at high ISO.

Well, most times we or the camera don't focus accurately enough. Or if we do get it right, either the camera or the subject moves before the shutter opens. If you blow most shots up big enough to see the difference in grain between FF and APS-C, you'll spot the focussing errors.

I practice a lot but my technique, and most cameras' focussing accuracy, aren't yet good enough. If I get much better, maybe I can justify FF. But not yet.


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With FF, I hope Pentax can offer somewhat the same. The Nikon D780 is about the same size as a K3iii so it can be done.

The D780 is larger than the K-1.

I might be interested in a FF Pentax, if there was one that was the same size/weight as a K3 series DSLR ... let's call it the K2 for want of another name but the K-1 series has never held any attraction for me.

It is larger but lighter. Both are magnesium alloyed body but k1 seems harder.

And the is K-3iii smaller and lighter than both. GO APSC!


I would love it add it to my k series but 2000$ is a big mount of money

It's all relative. To some $100 is a big amount of money. To others $6,000 for a Canon EOS R5 is a " reasonable" amount of money (apparently?)

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