If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

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Re: If 99% of our work goes directly online, why do we still need 35+ Megapixel Cameras?

Mocee higher megapixels mainly for me are my ability to crop in to a Photo, this then enables me to user lesser lens but get great range. Also one major benefit for me was with any of DSLRs you have back and front focusing, i tested massively with Focal Pro and most of my zooms were out slightly, hence why you have the + and - attribute on all DSLRs for focus, with Mirrorless you dont have this issue as its straight onto the sensor..

The implementation from Sony specific has been great for me, they now offer on my A1 Jpeg Light, so if your uploading to Getty images, or a company with Live photos for news etc, the Camera creates an FTP with your phone and Auto uploads as you shoot..

I agree your friends wont probably see much diff, however a close friend just upgraded from his Nikon FF to the Nikon Z7II and mirrorless left him breathless on Sharpness and his ability to crop. Shooting Bike racing, he only had the stock 24-70 F4 so he was some distance. but because of the Pixels he could crop in massively and get the shot.

I think the R5 would be good, if you can budget for it, and you'd be pleasantly surprised on how detailed things become from your current setup.

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