X-T4 : "Turn off the camera and turn on again"

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X-T4 : "Turn off the camera and turn on again"

Hi all,

Yesterday when I turned on my X-T4, I was greeted with the message "Turn off the camera and turn on again". I have since tried everything I can think of, without getting the camera to work again. The image makes a small "jump" before the message appears, so I think it could have something to with the IBIS. However, the aperture also shows as "f0" so it could potentially be due to something in the lens contacts? I've googled (and searched this forum) and found various fixes for the error message, but none that have worked for me.

What I have tried:

  • Tried all of my lenses - the issue remains regardless of lens (and also shows up without a lens)
  • Updated to latest firmware
  • Factory reset
  • Cleaned the lens contacts
  • Different batteries
  • Left the camera without a battery overnight
  • Different SD cards (and without SD card)

The message prevents me from going into the main menu (I can only access the Playback menu), so I have not been able to disable IBIS. I have however put the camera on a tripod, which I think should automatically disable IBIS (?) - but with no luck.

I am unfortunately out of the 1-year warranty period, so if there is a way to fix it without sending to Fuji that would be very good...

Anyone who has encountered this issue (especially with any lens) or has a good idea for a fix?

Many thanks in advance!

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