FP L Focus Bracketing Questions

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Re: FP L Focus Bracketing Questions

Doppler9000 wrote:

Platographer wrote:

In the Sony forum (my main camera is a Sony A7Riv), a frequent topic of discussion is the total lack of focus bracketing (at least on Alpha series cameras). You should see how many people defend it with arguments so absurd one wonders whether they are trolling. Some may call them Sony fanboys, but my position is that any true fan of a particular brand would not oppose common sense firmware tweaks that would greatly improve the camera without any downside to a single user.

I read some of the Sony focus bracket threads. They are infuriating.

I gotta think Sony will add focus bracketing through firmware.

I sure hope so, but it just doesn't seem like Sony is very interested in easy useful changes. What would be amazing is the ability to focus and exposure bracket at the same time and allow preselected focus points. That would be easy to have and a huge draw to landscape photographers, but I'm unaware of any camera that has that ability or the hybrid bulb shutter mode idea I mentioned. Very frustrating.

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