GFX100/100s eye selection

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Re: GFX100/100s eye selection

bobby350z wrote:

So I still can set a dedicated Fn button with the following options when pressed?

1. Face On - Eye Off
2. Face On - Eye Auto
3. Face On - Eye Left Priority
4. Face On - Eye Right Priority
5. Face Off - Eye Off

Ideally I would like just the selection of left vs the right eye but would take what we got.

Edited:- I am looking at the GFX100s menu. The two options that can be added to Fn button are, Face Select (which face) and Face Detect (on or off). There is no option like GFX50s has which is called "Face/Eye Detection Settings" which lets one choose left or right eye. Am I right or wrong? Thanks.

Sorry. Maybe someone else can add more.

The capability you're interested is there in my 100S. But assigning functions to buttons is something I am still learning.


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